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18. května 2014 v 15:03 | Liz |  Thoughts and stuff
Tohle je na ''Téma týdne'', a já nemám psát o ničem jiným.. so here it goes (I'll write in English, 'cause I just feel like it).

I don't remember much from when I was five. I know we lived in our old rented yellow house and I had a bunk bed. My room was narrow and small, but I didn't mind at that time. I went to kindergarten where we were divided into classes named after woodland creatures, and I think I was a hedgehog. I also broke my arm in the winter, a boy pushed me (accidentally) when we were out on a frozen car park or something, and I slipped on ice. It hurt quite a lot, and although I told the teachers, they didn't call my parents and I had to wait until the end of the school to go to hospital. I think they were angry. My arm was slipped into a cast and I drew pictures on it. I was very careful that year, so I also had my finger stepped on. Though 'm not sure if I was five when that happened. It was before Christmas, and we had a holiday already planned, so the doctor wrapped a blue solid thing around my finger, which helped to heal faster.
I remember being scared of death. Mostly of the death of my parents. After they'd read me a bedtime story, I remember asking them what's going to happen when they die, where are they going to go, and they told me that their souls will leave their bodies and they will travel all around the world. They also told me that doctors are inventing a pill that will allow you to live longer, possibly forever. I believed them then. Now I don't, because I know that although technology and medication is very advanced nowadays, an immortal pill is just not possible.
I remember running in our little garden and drawing on the pavement with coloured chalk. I remember one night, when my mom was on a bussiness trip and she didn't come until late evening, I was scared that she wouldn't come back and cried. I also remember trying out dad's razor a cutting myself in the cheek.
I remember having a nanny come over, because my parents often had too much work. She was good at face-painting, and made me into a tiger. I remember picking up snails in the garden, I remember the bright yellow colour of sunflowers we had in a flowerbed. I remember my dad telling me to get him something from the basement, where we had an office, and I was scared of the dark, so I quickly ran back up the stairs.

Those are most of the things I remember, it all blurs together. So, yeah.. I hoped you enjoyed it :)

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Sarinka Sarinka | Web | 18. května 2014 v 15:26 | Reagovat

Krásny článok :) Máš úplne úžasný blog :) Určite sa tu ešte zastavím :)

2 highfunctioning-sociopath highfunctioning-sociopath | Web | 18. května 2014 v 17:51 | Reagovat

[1]: ty jo, děkuju moc :))

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